-> Get fit without spending hours in the gym

-> Eat well consistently without giving up carbs

-> Overcome emotional and mindless eating

-> Invite God into your wellness


You've been counting points, doing an excessive amount of cardio and eating boring salads trying to reach your goals!

I'm here with great news that there is a much better way to get fit.

This isn't a will power problem. There is nothing wrong with you. We just need a better strategy. To focus on releasing weight instead of just losing it!

This is for you if:

*You're ready to ditch the diet and actually eat in a way that is sustainable
*You're ready to stop spending hours in the gym winging it on machines
*You're ready to transform your lifestyle and stop saving self-care for Saturday
*You're ready to eat the foods that provide nourishment AND flavor without overly restricting calories

*You're ready to finally view exercise as a way to steward your body well by inviting God into the journey 

*You're ready for accountability


This is NOT for your if:

* You're not ready for accountability

*You're not willing to exercise or participate in physical activity

*You're looking for overnight results for a vacation

*You aren't willing to put the work in behind the prayer

*You aren't willing to upgrade or change your habits

There is a world where ALL of this is possible! It's waiting for you inside the Prayers Up, Weight Down collective.

This program has supported  women as they heal their relationship with food and exercise that many times, began in childhood and they've been able to push through all the roadblocks hindering their weight loss success while also increasing their faith and relationship with God. Its the formula that works for the female leaders – like YOU! 



I'm Coach Caprice! For the past 9 years I've dedicated my career to helping leaders not let anything get in the way of their wellness as a fitness and nutrition coach! Having faced multiple severe car accidents that led to me developing Epilepsy, Traumatic brain injury and retrograde amnesia all by the age of 19, I needed to get strong in my mind and body.


Exercise finally gave me a yes when there was always a no!

It helped me be more productive, reduce brain fog and stress less! I decided to begin helping others by founding Excuse Free Fitness and I have since mastered eating well and moving well without spending hours in the gym. I saw the trends of diet culture and I was on a mission to show leaders a better way!

All of my years of studying and research has landed me on many publications from The Real, Medium, Black Enterprise, Abc7, radio and newspaper articles all due to my efforts to get leaders to ditch the diet and get fit for life!

I am now the published author of Prayers Up, Weight Down: a 30 day quest to the best version of you.


The Prayers Up, Weight Down 12-week Collective was birthed from my gut wrenching desire to be made whole and finally release the emotional weight that was crippling my decisions and quality of health. 


My increased awareness allowed me to see that its WAY more than the physical pounds we need to get rid of. We must pay attention to the habits and behaviors that led to the weight gain in the first place. We identify the emotional weight and surrender it all to God so we can move forward in confidence. 


Prayers Up, Weight Down Collective!

The Ultimate combination of Faith & Fitness to get fit without dieting!

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I am stronger than I was working out alone and Caprice's weekly text check-ins hold me accountable to drinking enough water and eating right. If you are on the fence, I say go for's rare to find someone who genuinely cares as much about your health and goals as you do

Neeti C

Before I started I did not know how to control my breathing, I was doing a lot of body resistance workouts wrong but now, I have way more control. I breathe better through my workouts.”

Meghan W

Caprice’s workout plan was perfect for my goals! I invested in myself and she picked up on that. She made sure our workout sessions were spontaneous and disciplined.  I met my goals, learned how to use exercise equipment that had once intimidated me, plus she provided healthy recipes that were actually tasty!  She even prayed with me because I knew only God could get me in the right frame of mind to finish her 50 minute workouts. They were challenging!!!!”

Tracy B