We’re dedicated to helping people not let anything get in the way of their wellness!!


Meet Our Founder Coach Caprice O'Bryant


Caprice is a native of Chicagoland and affectionately known as Coach Caprice; her commitment to wellness comes from having faced multiple tragic car accidents that led to her developing Epilepsy, and retrograde amnesia all by the age of 19.

Caprice embodies strength and hope. She decided to begin helping others by making sure they focus on what they can do instead of what they can't!



What We Do

We specialize in short workouts to give you strength and energy for your day. 

Our foundation is fitness, nutrition, and accountability. 

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"Really nice paced spirited workout I would that again for sure. Got some ideas to incorporate into my regular routine"

Titus, Barcodes, Co


"This was really fun! Caprice motivated me through the entire session"

Jinene, Stripes Co

"Caprice you were an absolute HIT with our staff on Friday! A few people are still talking about it today. We were so glad to have you"

Kristen, New Star Services

"I would definitely recommend the program! I love that Coach Caprice provided video of the workouts that I could refer to. I also loved that the workouts did not have to be done in order. I was allowed flexibility to switch it up!"

-Leah S

"Caprice was the trainer that I didn't know  I needed. She was so patient, supportive and such a cheerleader as I struggled with my physical and emotional transformation. She lovingly gave me the push I needed when I wanted to give up on the process and always made herself available to coach me through my struggles. She never made me feel bad when I needed a break but she didn't let me give up on myself either. Under her coaching, I lost so many inches in such a short amount of time. She taught me to look at pictures to determine my progress instead of relying on the scale. Historically, if I didn't see results on the scale, I would determine that I didn't need to continue with altering my eating habits and exercising. But by relying on how great I was feeling, how much energy I had and by taking progress pictures, I was able to stay focused and my physical transformation was huge!"

-Dee J

"I didn't think in that short amount of time, the way I viewed working out and transforming my body would be a lifetime thing. I didn't think it was possible but I have continued implementing the foundation I received!"

-Tonia B

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