We are here to prioritize your wellness. 

We bring your team together through short circuit style workouts with high energy coaches that create a safe space and provide modifications for beginners. Our workouts focus on increasing strength, energy and mobility.


We know that sitting too long can lead to chronic pain, anxiety and even heart disease. The lines are so blurred right now where many employees feel like they are living at work! The biggest obstacle we encounter is people not having enough time or money.


By providing wellness for you and your team you are effectively eliminating those barriers and you can begin to see a healthier and happier team right away!


We are here to keep you accountable to prioritizing your wellness even when your to-do list is long!


For the past 8 years I've dedicated my career to helping others not let anything get in the way of their wellness as a fitness and nutrition coach! 

Having faced multiple tragic car accidents that led to me developing Epilepsy, Traumatic brain injury and retrograde amnesia all by the age of 19, I needed to get strong in my mind and body.

Due to my brain injury, I had to relearn how to walk so I started focusing on everything I could do, instead of everything I can't do. Exercise finally gave me a yes when there was always a no.

It helped me be more productive, reduce brain fog and stress less! I decided to begin helping others by founding Excuse Free Fitness and have mastered bringing teams together virtually where they stay engaged and have fun!

I am the published author of Prayers Up, Weight Down: a 30 day quest to the best version of you.

Corporate clients include: University of Chicago Medicine, Stripes, Thistle, Barcodes, Prairie State College, iNew Star Services, Chicago Public Schools and more!

My team and I have 30+ years of experience combined teaching corporate workshops including a Pilates instructor and Licensed clinical professional counselor.

Let's chat about how to add more wellness to your workplace!
Jinene, Stripes Co

"This was really fun! Caprice motivated me through the entire session"

Kristen, New Star Services

"Caprice you were an absolute HIT with our staff on Friday! A few people are still talking about it today. We were so glad to have you"

Titus, Barcodes, Co

"Really nice paced spirited workout I would that again for sure. Got some ideas to incorporate into my regular routine"