Meet our founder, Coach Caprice.


Caprice is an award winning entrepreneur, dynamic speaker and author committed to making sure nothing gets in the way of wellness through faith, fitness and nutrition. Having faced multiple tragic car accidents that led to her developing Epilepsy, and retrograde amnesia all by the age of 19, Caprice embodies strength and hope. She decided to begin helping others by founding Excuse Free Fitness. Through keynote speeches, online training and wellness workshops, Caprice has been captivating audiences across the globe with her unique story and infectious energy for 8 years!


Why Excuse Free Fitness?

We are dedicated to not letting anything get in the way of your wellness! Whether we are helping individual female leaders release physical and emotional weight or bringing wellness to your workplace, you can always count on high energy coaches that create a safe space for you to grow in your wellness journey! 

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Fix your focus & start small

Start with the basics that boost your mood: walking, squats, planks, lunges, high knees, step-ups, etc. When we are well rested and energized we can show up as our authentic self and look at problems like a boss. When you are not panicking, you can move in clarity not chaos.

Food is medicine and fitness is key

So many times, we can just look to the grocery store to meet the need whether it be pain, lower blood pressure/cholesterol or simply needing energy. Fitness is key because our bodies affect how we function throughout each day

Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

Focus on building habits instead of the all or nothing mentality. All or nothing can make us feel defeated if we don’t get everything right to a T. If you build on one habit at a time and measure progress weekly you are more likely to keep going while focusing on your strengths

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